Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge

Anyone interested in biking across the ggb on a weekend maybe go all the way to Sausalito and ride the ferry back?

A bunch of people I know are currently vacationing in Hawaii.

I don’t care. I am having fun everyday in San Francisco.

How to be happy

Move to San Francisco.

Gorgeous evening at the yard (at AT&T Park)

Muni phone jacking

MUNI riders! DO NOT use your phones on the bus ESPECIALLY near the door! I just witnessed a phone jacking. It took less than 30 seconds for the dude to snatch the lady’s phone and run around the corner and he was gone. Don’t run after them. Your life is more important than a $500 iPhone.

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Pier 39's Tree Lighting | 11/18/12 | 12:00-6:30PM

Tree Lighting is at 6:00PM

Looks like the Tigers came all this way, 4-NOTHING! #Sweep


Post-NCLS champions madness, pouring rain and all #sfgiants (at AT&T Park)

Couldn’t be more excited

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